Our Projects

Advocacy Program

“What Are You Waiting for!?” – Civil Peace Campaign

Following the tragic explosions that rocked Tripoli on August 23, 2013 and the calamitous impact that they left on the city, UTOPIA Organization initiated a civil campaign titled "What Are You Waiting For!?", calling civil society and citizens to sign a petition that pushes for transferring the case of Takwa & Salam explosions from the Military Justice to the Judicial Council and expediting the payment of compensation to affected citizens. The campaign succeeded in collecting over 70,000 signatures from citizens in Tripoli affirming the demands of the petition, and the explosions file was indeed accepted to be reviewed by the Judicial Council.  

“We Will Not Be Forgotten” – Advocacy Event

A year after the High Relief Commission released its call for accepting financial aid applications from affected citizens of Tabbaneh-Jabal Mohsen clashes, no citizen was compensated. In light of this, UTOPIA Organization initiated an advocacy movement titled “We Will Not Be Forgotten” in Riad Solh Square calling the Commission to fulfill its obligations and pay due compensation. The movement succeeded in gaining a commitment from the Secretary-General of the Commission to pay due compensation within a month duration.    

Youth Affairs

A network of 7 CSOs including UTOPIA Organization pushed for the seperation of the youth affairs from sports issues under the Ministry of Youth and Sports through an advocacy campaign and lobbying state decision-makers. The campaign also included pushing for the opening and activation of local Ministry offices in peripheral regions such as the North, Bekaa, and South provinces. While the lobbying of decision-makers continues to be undertaken, the campaign succeeded in achieving one of its objectives whereby a local representative office of the Ministry was opened in each of the North and Nabatieh provinces.  

Improving Municipality Responsiveness

Through a network of CSOs, UTOPIA Organization worked on improving municipality responsiveness to basic citizen needs in conflict-prone and marginalized communities (Tabbaneh, Jabal Mohsen, & Kobbeh). Members of UTOPIA’s Tabbaneh Youth Council received trainings on civic rights & duties, and municipal governance, and collected hundreds of citizen complaints related to the quality of public services. While pushing for activation of a municipal citizen complaints center, the Council also succeeded in pressuring local authorities to address the problems, where over 100 citizen complaints were resolved by the municipality of Tripoli with direct involvement of the Council in the monitoring process.